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How Can Certification Take Control of Your Career?

Job postings can be confusing, especially with educational requirements. The cut-and-dry “Bachelor’s Degree Required” line makes sense, but “Certification Suggested” or “Advised” can cause some hesitancy. Sure, “suggested” is just friendly encouragement, but this passive-aggressive workplace nudge towards certification is more important than you think.

Certain certificates and online training programs can help you get an advantage over others in a job pool, but what is the right fit? For those interested in paralegal studies, the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) and Professional Paralegal (PP) exams are two milestones in your path to employment. 

More than 12,000 paralegals have earned the designation as a “Certified Paralegal” since the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) began sponsoring the certification in 1976. Though there is no mandatory examination for legal assistants, this certification has been reviewed and debated recently, by paralegal organizations, the Bar Association, and other legislature, and is subject to change. More and more careers have turned toward certification prerequisites, so it is important to do your research and consider the importance of paralegal certification.

Our nationally-accredited program gives graduates eligibility to sit for both of these credentialing exams, and expands on the skills necessary to excel as a paralegal. While this certification is important when obtaining a job, paralegal certification can also help you take control of your career. Read more information below about your potential career growth when embarking on the paralegal certification journey.

You Can Open the Door to Law School

While prepping for paralegal certificate programs online, you might find yourself more interested in law than you initially thought. If you find yourself considering law school somewhere down the line, the knowledge and skills you will gain as a paralegal will give you an advantage when it comes to law school prep.

Many attorneys take Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits, which are in a similar format to our Paralegal Certificate course. Online career training schools offer these programs to take advantage of as a seasoned veteran, so even if you elect to advance beyond paralegal studies, your knowledge will still prove valuable.

You’ll Have Skills for Permanent Employment

Not only is becoming a paralegal a practical job choice, but it’s also dependable in terms of career growth. The demand for paralegals has continued to steadily grow over the years, with employment for paralegals estimated to grow by a whopping 14% the next decade.

As a paralegal, your skills will also make you eligible for employment at businesses other than law firms. You might also decide to teach, or be your own boss as an independent contractor for paralegal services. A paralegal education displays the skills necessary to work in a wide range of occupations, including government, estate planning, law libraries, insurance, healthcare, and more! Should you transition into another field of study, paralegal courses still offer an educational foundation that you can build on throughout your life.

In today’s market, careers don’t have a linear line of direction—instead of moving up the office positions, you may shift from one occupation to another, learning to pick up certain skills as they become more in demand. Paralegals show great career development. They have strengthened research skills, moral efficacy, and interpersonal relations, all trending job traits.

You’ll Be Doing What You Love!

Perhaps the most important reason to pursue paralegal certificate programs is that you have all the tools to achieve a career doing what you love. Paralegal courses provide the tools and develop the skills necessary to excel in the field. Accessible resources may include LexisNexis, an online case citation software, or exercises that strengthen your written communication, research and investigative skills, technology organization, and multitasking.

If you’re searching for the tools you need to earn your certification in a convenient and affordable manner, then Blackstone Career Institute should be your final destination. Blackstone is one of the oldest correspondence schools in the nation, especially in legal studies.

We give you complete freedom to manage your personal life, your job, and your education–all at your own pace. Contact us today and discover how our excellence in online career training can help turn your dreams of a paralegal career into a reality.