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Enhanced Learning with Blackstone’s Advanced Paralegal Courses

As the legal field evolves, continual learning becomes key to advancing in your paralegal career. Blackstone Career Institute offers a variety of online Advanced Paralegal courses that can not only help enhance resumes and learn specific fields of law but also can ensure paralegals meet their NALA or NALS recertification requirements. Here’s an expanded look into each of these courses, illustrating how they cater to different professional needs.


Course Overviews

Immigration Law

Blackstone’s Advanced Paralegal course in Immigration Law offers a comprehensive overview of U.S. immigration and nationality law, focusing on its application within various legal settings such as law firms, non-profit agencies, and corporate environments. This course is designed to equip paralegals with specialized skills necessary for managing immigration cases, including client interviewing, form completion, and detailed file organization.


Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Law course at Blackstone is comprehensive, covering a wide range of topics essential for paralegals working in this area. You’ll learn the elements of real property, delve into the details of transactions such as deeds and mortgages, and understand the complex processes surrounding closings and title examinations. The course also addresses specific scenarios like landlord-tenant disputes and real estate financing, ensuring you have a well-rounded knowledge of both residential and commercial real estate law.


Criminal Law

Blackstone’s advanced Criminal Law course offers an in-depth exploration of the criminal justice system and the paralegal’s crucial role within it. Students will delve into criminal procedure, examining pre-trial motions, plea bargaining, the legal elements of search and seizure, and the preparation and legal use of warrants. The course further discusses the roles of both the prosecutor in initiating cases and the defense attorney in defending the accused.


Wills, Trusts, & Estates

The Wills, Trusts, and Estates course offered by Blackstone Career Institute provides an in-depth understanding of estate planning, crucial for any paralegal working in this field. This course covers the preparation, creation, maintenance, and distribution of wills, trusts, and charitable trusts, ensuring clients’ financial affairs are arranged for proper distribution upon their death. Participants will learn how to assist attorneys in planning estates, explaining rights to clients, drafting wills, setting up trusts, appointing personal representatives, and representing clients in probate court.


Family Law

Blackstone’s advanced Family Law course is a comprehensive online offering designed to deepen understanding and proficiency in managing various aspects of family law. This course utilizes a historical and case-based approach to teach critical topics such as premarital and cohabitation agreements, marriage dissolution, child custody arrangements, paternity issues, and adoption. It also covers emerging areas like the rights of nontraditional and LGBTQ+ families, incorporating the latest Supreme Court cases.


Civil Litigation

Blackstone Career Institute’s Civil Litigation course offers an immersive exploration into the role of paralegals in civil lawsuits. It combines legal theory with practical skills, covering everything from initial client interactions to post-trial activities. The course teaches the structure of the court system as well as types of jurisdiction, and it details the paralegal’s role in case investigation and evidence collection.


Business & Corporate Law

Blackstone’s Business & Corporate Law course is tailored for paralegals looking to dive deep into the corporate sector. This comprehensive course covers a broad range of topics essential for understanding the corporate legal environment. Students will explore traditional and online dispute resolution, sales and leases, warranties, product liability, consumer law, e-contracts, and negotiable instruments. Additionally, the course delves into more complex areas such as corporations, financing, investor protection, securities offerings, and international law in a global economy.


Personal Injury & Torts

The advanced Personal Injury & Torts course at Blackstone Career Institute offers a comprehensive examination of the principles that govern personal injury and tort law. This course explores essential skills and knowledge that paralegals need to assist effectively in personal injury cases, from discovery through trial. Key topics include the role of a paralegal in tort litigation, the study of negligence, strict liability, products liability, and various other tort categories.


Interviewing & Investigating

Blackstone’s Advanced Paralegal course on Interviewing & Investigating delves deep into the practical skills needed by paralegals in gathering vital information for case preparation. This comprehensive course covers a variety of crucial topics, including the American adversarial system, formal discovery processes in civil and criminal cases, and the basic rules of evidence as they apply to legal investigations. It also discusses the ethical considerations vital to the interviewing and investigating processes, such as maintaining client confidences and avoiding conflicts of interest.


Practical Bankruptcy Law

The Practical Bankruptcy course at Blackstone Career Institute offers an in-depth exploration into the realm of bankruptcy, emphasizing the paralegal’s role throughout the process. This course is designed to help paralegals understand the intricate details of bankruptcy cases from the perspectives of debtors, trustees, and creditors. Key topics include the commencement, conversion, dismissal, and closure of bankruptcy cases, as well as the legal framework governing these processes.


Why Choose Blackstone to Learn a Specialized Field of Law?

Blackstone Career Institute’s courses are designed to provide a comprehensive, flexible, and accessible education for aspiring and practicing paralegals. By focusing on specialized areas of law, these courses can not only enhance career prospects but also support ongoing professional development and learning. For more details or to enroll, visit our course page.

By equipping yourself with learning specialized legal knowledge through Blackstone’s courses, you position yourself as a valuable asset in the legal field, ready to advance your career and expand your professional opportunities.


Written by Colt Parris

Disclaimer: Blackstone Career Institute, an accredited school, cannot guarantee employment, job promotion prospects, or income increases.