Medical billing is a health care career which works in all aspects of a healthcare billing claim. A medical biller follows claims, from beginning to end, to ensure the medical practice they work for, receives reimbursement for the work that they have performed. A medical biller’s responsibilities will vary, but they typically involve communicating with health care professionals to explain diagnoses and to obtain the necessary information for a final billing claim, such as charge entry posts, claims transmission, payment posting, insurance and patient follow-up. A medical biller is a crucial part of any medical practice and they are trained to use tools which help to optimize a medical practice’s revenue.

Medical Billing Training

A medical billing training program qualifies individuals to become a nationally recognized CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional). Medical billing training aids individuals in becoming more detail oriented. Students are introduced to medical terminology which is needed for biller’s to transcribe verbal descriptions of diseases and procedures for claims processing. The medical billing field places individuals in contact with government regulations, insurance procedures, and HIPPA rule as they are a bridge between a health care provider and various billing offices and systems.

Medical Billing Courses

Typical courses provided under a medical billing training program includes the following:

  • coding and classification systems
  • medical, diseases, and pharmacology terminology
  • health care billing and reimbursement procedures
  • medical insurance and billing
  • human anatomy and physiology
  • how to set-up medical claims involving forms for Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, worker’s compensation, military and personal injury claims

Medical Billing Training Benefits

Medical billing training programs provide students with the skills that they will need for a successful career. Students in this program study diagnostic and procedural terminology so they can accurately and successfully complete insurance claims. Many online educational programs incorporate hands on education so their at-home students can learn how to prepare insurance claim forms and basic coding procedures. This is a challenging, yet rewarding, field that can be completed in less than a year, depending on your career goal. Graduates can work as a billing specialist, a billing clerk, a coding specialist, or they can start a medical billing service. There are many accredited vocational or career schools which offer training for a diploma or a degree. Online educational training allows for day and evening classes so you can work full time while getting your education.

A Top Accredited Distance Training School

Online medical billing and training program courses also provide updated content on ICD-9, ICD10-CM coding, plus Medisoft V17, HCPCS II, and exclusive access to the American Medical Association’s online materials and resources. All of these program benefits and a medical billing career are provided through our school, which offers a wide array of career training and continuing education courses. We give students professional advice, guidance, and support from an experienced faculty staff. You experience the freedom to study when and where you want, at your own pace. Top online colleges provide the training courses that are affordable and at your convenience. Blackstone is one of the top online colleges in the country.