If you’re seeking employment or are already employed in the field of medicine, you should know that certification is required just about everywhere. While you can get the training necessary to handle most complex tasks, medical billing certification is absolutely integral if you want to work with insurance companies and billing for medical practices. Online education makes it possible for you to take earn it. To see why you need this certification, check out five key points below.

1. Insurance companies. Medical billers work heavily with insurance companies, dealing with some of the most complex legalities in any industry. For this reason, they are required to be on top of the current laws and regulations. Certification proves that you’ve gotten the training and have access to the resources you need to follow even the most complicated laws.

2. Patient confidentiality. Medical billers work closely with patient records, reviewing claim forms and often working out the details of co-pays and costs between the insurance company, patient and healthcare provider. Certification shows the employer that you have the aptitude to work on your feet.

3. Times have changed. In the past, medical billing certification wasn’t a stringent requirement. Now, however, more companies look for employees with certification in order to be completely certain their new hire can handle all the duties of the position without hours of extra on the job training.

4. Certification means skills. As mentioned above, certification training hones necessary skills for your career in medical billing, helping to keep your office, clinic or hospital from getting into trouble due to misfiled work, incorrect procedures or miscommunication. Earn your certification from a trusted online education provider.

5. Getting certified could boost your salary. Uncertified medical billers require more work and on-site training—they’re also likely to be paid less than industry standard as a result. Education is an added expense, but in the long run being educated and certified will save you money. A higher salary is worth the effort of getting certified!

While certification isn’t always a requirement for the job, employers in the industry will always prefer employees with certification; at this point it’s so standard it’s become an unspoken rule. Certification provides proof of your skills and your knowledge, freeing your employer from the burden of ensuring your ability to operate to standards. It reduces on-site training and increases your potential starting salary. To build a career in medical billing, you should seriously consider certification!