Standout to Employers with NALA Digital Badges 

Building a strong resume is an important component for impressing an employer and landing the

a job you are seeking. And now it’s even easier to showcase your achievements digitally so employers can readily see what accomplishments you’ve made that set you apart from other candidates.

By taking Blackstone’s Legal Assistant/Paralegal Course or the Advanced Paralegal Course, you are one step closer to achieving NALA digital badges!

While BCI cannot guarantee fulfillment of these badges, there is potential to receive one or two of them depending on the courses  program you have chosen and completed.  Equally important is that by completing a Blackstone’s Paralegal course you will have gained valuable knowledge while working towards achieving your career goals. BCI’s online, self-paced Paralegal Programs offers you the flexibility to complete your coursework anytime, anywhere.

When you claim the no-additional cost NALA Digital Badges, you can stay up-to-date on credential verification.

What are the Benefits of Having Digital Badges? 

By showcasing a digital badge, employers can easily see your accomplishments. And because they are digital, the method for sharing these credentials online is smoother. They can also be shared on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and can be embedded into a website or even an email signature!

What Digital Badges are Launching? 

There are six badges that are being released, which include…

  1. NALA Member
  2. NALA Honorary Member
  3. NALA Board of Directors (2019 – 2020 Term)
  4. NALA Certified Paralegal
  5. NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal
  6. 2020 NALA Conference @Home attendee badge

How Can I Claim My Digital Badges? 

If you qualify to receive them, an email will be sent from the Acclaim Platform, and you will receive an email for each individual badge that you are eligible for. The email sender should come from this address: admin@youracclaim.com. All you need to do is click the link provided in the email, which will take you to the site to set up an account. Afterwards, you will be able to accept your badge and display them how you see fit.

For more support, click here.

Have more questions about these badges, when they expire, how to export them, or how to keep them private? Check out the FAQ link for NALA here.

Some of the most common questions about the badges are if there is a limit to how many badges one can earn and the benefits of the badges. There is no limit to how many badges one can earn as long as the qualifications for each one is met, they can continue to be accrued. Displaying these badges is a simple, trusted, and verifiable way to showcase credibility in your achievements, knowledge, and capability.

*If you believe you qualify for a badge but have not received an email yet, feel free to reach out to NALA at 918-587-6828.

What Is NALA?

NALA is the National Association of Legal Assistant. They seek to provide assistance to paralegals through updated and current information on certification, continuing education, and network opportunities to assist individuals in excelling in the workforce.

Why Should I Become Certified Through NALA?

Becoming a certified paralegal (CP) through NALA and having these credentials behind one’s name displays capability on the legal assistant’s part in their ability to provide quality and satisfactory services to firms and corporations. In addition, the American Bar Association has mark a CP credential as high professional achievement.

Blackstone’s Paralegal/Legal Assistant Program

Earn your paralegal/legal assistant certificate through Blackstone Career Institute’s course, which provides the 900 clock hours necessary to sit for the NALA exam and start earning your badges and credibility to help further your career goals!


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