Online Certificate Programs vs. Graduate Degrees

Today, the average price of tuition for graduate school can cost between $30,000 and $120,000 per year. Many people choose to invest in graduate school in order to seek a career change, advance in their career field, and receive higher pay, responsibility or recognition.
Although there are ways to ease the burden of a graduate education, such as employer reimbursement programs and scholarships, a master’s degree can be unattainable for many people. Blackstone Career Institute’s online certificate programs are committed to providing quality, relevant and affordable distance education that focuses on the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level careers, professional development or personal goals. While a master’s degree may help fill gaps in knowledge and experience, there is another alternative: an online certificate program diploma from Blackstone Career Institute.

Smaller Commitment, Faster Payback

According to the Continuing and Career Education Assumption College, online certificate programs are currently the highest form of education held by 1 in 10 American workers. Online certificate programs are the fastest-growing credential and are key to workforce development. One of the largest benefits to Blackstone Career Institute’s online certificate programs is the ability to gain valuable knowledge and credentials in a short period of time. Our career training institute’s online courses with certificates give you the flexibility to study at your own pace, take exams on your own time, and earn your online certificate.
The growth in online certificate programs is in large part due to the smaller commitments of time and money. Usually specific and subject-focused, they typically require four to eight targeted, graduate level courses. They aren’t designed to be a replacement for a degree, but they allow professionals to learn new skills to move them ahead in their careers, get them up to speed in a new field, or meet state licensing requirements.

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The increasing popularity of online courses with certificates  is no surprise because it allows you to balance your online work with your current life style and earn your online certificate at a reasonable cost.
Online certificate programs tend to fall into several categories:

A Few Important Considerations

There are certain career fields that will require a master’s degree. That being said, online certificate programs can help you refine your thinking and serve as a good introduction to graduate school.
The online certificate is like a degree in the sense that it does not expire. In many career courses, the certificate is the first step in the processes of sitting for exams to certify for credentials in your career field as well. These furthering exams may require recertification after a certain amount of years – however, your certificate with Blackstone Career Institute never expires and your education lasts a lifetime.
Finally, while online certificate programs might take less time to complete, it’s still challenging. You’ll have to devote time to study and read in order to complete assignments. Like any academic program, you get out what you put in to it.  Consider your current lifestyle and commitments and whether or not you can devote the time necessary to excel in ongoing education.
Whether you’re looking to advance in your current career or add some new skills to your repertoire, a certificate from one of Blackstone’s online certificate programs is a worthy credential to add to your resume. Our career training institute will help you earn your certificate today!