July 2004: Blackstone Career Institute has introduced a new Online Student Center (OSC) which allows students to view course materials online, as well as take exams and monitor their grades, payment history, shipping history and more. Using the Moodle course management system, the OSC offers ease-of-use and security to students.

Other exciting features of the new center include instantaneous grade results, interactive chat and discussion boards, and access to student support services.

Access to the OSC is included free with tuition for all Blackstone career diploma and certificate programs. Students can view their lessons on the computer screen in a PDF format or download the materials to print them out. Students continue to receive all educational materials by mail in traditional print format, offering them flexibility in completing their program in whichever format they prefer. Get in touch with accredited online universities of your choice. Blackstone is one of the best and accredited online universities today.