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The Future is BRIGHT with Blackstone Career Institute and Graduates!

Another year has come and gone which creates some nostalgia. Let’s look back on the last 365 days or so and marvel at all that has happened between the seasons of change. Blackstone Career Institute has implemented many upgrades, changes, and advancements all for the better. We’ve improved our materials, expanded our social media platforms, added staff/team members, created information videos and tutorials, renewed accreditations, and so much more in order to stand by our mission of providing quality, relevant and affordable distance education programs that focus on the knowledge and skills needed for entry-level careers, professional development or personal goals. 

To celebrate the amazing year Blackstone Career Institute has had, we collected some of our graduates’ career journey feedback! We feel fortunate to have so many graduates achieve their personal and professional goals and are honored to share just a few of those stories with you. We’re happy to be heralded as one of the best virtual universities in the United States!

Highlight of February

Lorraine Chiverton graduated from our Legal Assistant/Paralegal program early on in 2018. She felt inspired to take our career course in order to better equip herself for volunteer service. Lorraine is passionate about non-profits that assist animals in some way. Before choosing Blackstone, she spent time researching accredited online schools and found BCI highly recommended. Today, Lorraine is employed at an animal clinic and finds herself constantly using the knowledge and skills learned from her studies in Blackstone’s Paralegal program.

Highlight of April

Sommer Picard has completed two paralegal courses and is currently wrapping up her third. Initially, she completed Blackstone’s Paralegal Certificate program, and more recently an advanced paralegal course specializing in Family Law. These two programs have helped Sommer tremendously, she currently holds a job as a Paralegal in a large law firm. Future plans include continued advancement in the firm! We are excited to hear how Sommer is applying her course work directly into her field and is pursuing her goals!

Highlight of January

A new beginning began for Jerrod after choosing to enroll with Blackstone Career Institute and pursue a career as a Paralegal. Jerrod had made up his mind to work towards a better life for himself, and for his mother who suffers from MS – a disease that affects your muscles, and movement. Jerrod was able to work both a full-time job and a part-time job while pursuing his certificate from Blackstone. At times it was tough, but he was one determined student! His hard work paid off, one of our first graduates of 2018. Only 4 months after earning his certificate, Jerrod received a job offer as a Paralegal and has already began the career of his dreams. He has showed dedication and passion for this career field and is well deserving of the position he holds!

Highlight for September

Jessie Milton, another Paralegal graduate enrolled in a Blackstone Career Institute (BCI) program – drawn to the flexibility of self-paced programs and affordable payment plans that BCI’s online programs offer. Jessie also appreciated the all- inclusive tuition price, no out of pocket costs here.  Now that he has graduated, he has begun to establish his own Legal Assistant Business as a self-practiced Paralegal. Congratulations Jessie!

Highlight for November

Ashley Traser has been on a long journey figuring out what career path to choose. After discovering the career training programs that Blackstone has to offer, she chose the Veterinary Assistant program and decided to follow the same path as her father As a student, she worked full time while earning her certificate from Blackstone. Currently, Ashley works with a vet and gives much credit to her training and knowledge gained through Blackstone’s program. With the easy online portal and the available help, students have the support they need. It is amazing to hear the confidence our graduates have and the success they find in pursuing their dream jobs!


It has been a year of success for Blackstone Career Institute! We are blessed by each one of our students and graduates. Thank you to those who have chosen Blackstone to reach your personal and professional goals! If you are a recent graduate, please be sure to stay in touch, we enjoy receiving feedback from our students and graduates. Cheers to another year of learning, growing, and reaching goals through education!