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What About Your Education Are You Most Thankful For?

Blackstone Career Institute’s staff and faculty would sincerely like to thank all our current students and graduates for choosing BCI’s online courses with certificates as a path to reach your personal or professional goals. We are so grateful for the privilege to provide convenient, affordable, and impactful online certificate programs to our amazing students. Blackstone Career Institute offers tremendous distance learning courses to some of the best scholars in the country.  During this season of thankfulness, we decided to feature some of our students and graduates who have shared what they are most thankful for surrounding our accredited career training institute!



I wanted to take some time to thank Blackstone Career Institute for providing me with the knowledge to pursue my dream career; working with animals. The program was very informative and simple to navigate. I loved being able to work at my own pace and feel as though I controlled my education. Without my career certification from Blackstone I wouldn’t be in this position; and I’m happy I chose Blackstone as a guide to career success.

  • Amanda, Veterinary Assistant

I would whole heartedly recommend Blackstone.  The support was exceptional.  The material was very in depth and current with what one would expect to find in the “real” world of paralegal work.  This program, hands down, is the best thing that has happened to my career.  I am now coming up on my one year employment, and I can finally say that I enjoy getting up every morning and going to my job.  Thank you, Blackstone. 

  • Joann, Paralegal Certificate Recipient

I am pleased for being Blackstone Paralegal course participant. The entire staff was cooperative and very helpful at all times. The course was well written in a way that anyone with no legal background can grasp. I am so glad I took that first step and am proud of my achievement! I am a PARALEGAL!! Thank you Blackstone staff for being professional, prompt and helpful in answering my questions.

  • Fanaye, Paralegal Certificate Recipient

I really enjoyed taking this course. It was so informative and covered everything I need to prepare me for a career in billing and coding. The fact that I could go at my own pace was an immense help. Also, the idea of completing a course in less than a year and doing so at such a low cost were huge positives. I am not working yet, but do have a job lined up. I am very thankful for such a wonderful opportunity!

  • Kerri, Medical Billing and Coding Course

I want to share how thankful and grateful I am for Blackstone’s online Paralegal program. I have always wanted to pursue Paralegal studies however as a single mom of four children, I was not able to go to school until my children were themselves out of school. I have completed this program today because of a few people assisting me along the way.   I absolutely loved how Blackstone set up each volume for even beginners to understand.   The staff was available and very helpful for any questions (and I had many).  I continue to highly recommended Blackstone because I know it is such a wealth of knowledge given in practical ways for anyone trying to pursue their passion.    

  • Mija, Paralegal Certificate Recipient

Now that I have completed the course, I plan to take a breather, and then I’m considering taking one of the subject intensive courses.  I am thankful to BCI for making it possible to obtain my Paralegal Certificate on my own terms.  I highly recommend the course.

  • Barbara, Paralegal Certificate Recipient

I would like to start by thanking Blackstone Career Institute, and The RAF Mildenhall Air Force Aid Society for offering the “Spouse Education Training Program Acceptance 2017. I’m a spouse of an active duty military member which means that I need to be able to adapt with the constant moving and job changing lifestyle of the military spouse. Being selected for the Pharmacy Technician program provided me with the proper tools needed to land a job in a career field that l have always wanted to be in but never had the time to attend the actual classes. BCI’s self-paced course was incredible! They make it easy to juggle a full-time job and family time at home and school…I definitely recommend them to any and every one!

  • Melvin, Pharmacy Technician Training

I must express that it was sure a blessing to become a student at Blackstone Career Institute. My reason for attending this specific institute was because it provided a very flexible process for me to be able to make payments, and also provided the necessary materials that I needed to learn. I must mention that the staff and team members are extremely helpful. Now that I have completed and graduated from my Paralegal Course, I am currently in the process of establishing my own Legal Assistant business thanks to Blackstone’s help.

  • Jessie, Paralegal Certificate Recipient

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