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What Students Must Know Before Taking Online Training Programs


Online classes offer flexibility for those that have busy schedules and commitments but still want to continue their education. If you are thinking of enrolling in one of BCI’s online training programs, check out what others that have taken online courses have to say. 


1. Advance Your Education

First and foremost I thank Blackstone for giving an opportunity to those adults that did not take advantage of the college experience immediately after high school, allowing those of us in that group to thrive for the betterment of our lives and pursuit of happiness. When I started the paralegal online training program admittedly I was skeptical of the quality an online legal certificate could provide given the vast intricacies of such a subject. I was pleased to learn how wonderfully detailed the coursework was, however. The topics were thorough in detail and diligently comprehensive in text. 

I took this course with the ambition of understanding the basics of law as I aspire to go to law school in my home state. I plan to find a position in a local law firm to get some practice before going to law school as I do not yet possess a bachelor’s degree. The practice, I am sure, will put me a step ahead in the understanding of the processes of litigation and critical thinking of legal situations.  Thank you again all faculty and members of Blackstone!                                     

 – Leon Garcia, Paralegal/Legal Assistant

2. Finding the career path fit for you

Once I graduated high school I was at a loss of what I wanted to do with my life. I had decided to go down the path that my father (who passed away when I was 12) wanted me to and knew I’d be great at it. I enrolled at Blackstone’s Veterinary Assistant program and was very excited. I found my motivation was that I knew I could complete this online training program if I put my mind to it. Once I completed my first unit it was smooth sailing from there, I was able to go to school and work at the same time. I now have a job working at a vet and I have Blackstone to thank for that. With the easy online portal and the instructors to help you with any questions you may have, BCI made it easy for me to be able to attend school without the worry about changing my work schedule. I would recommend Blackstone to anyone who is looking for the ease of going school, while dealing with work and in general life’s responsibilities.

– Ashley Traser, Veterinary Assistant

3. Work your course around your own lifestyle

I really enjoyed taking this course. It was so informative and covered everything I needed to prepare me for a career in billing and coding. It was a lot of information to take in, but I took tons of notes and will always be able to look at them for a refresher course. I hadn’t worked in 20 years and circumstances came about that created an opportunity to get back out there. My uncle owns a billing company and he encouraged me to sign up for the course. Needless to say, I was very nervous getting back into schooling since I hadn’t really used my brain like that for so long, but I felt really comfortable in no time. The fact that I could go at my own pace was an immense help. Also, the idea of completing a course in less than a year and doing so at such a low cost were huge positives. I am not working yet, but do have a job lined up. Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity.

– Kerri Barnhart, Medical Billing & Coding

4. Move up your Career Ladder

I took the online Trust & Estate paralegal course since I work as a legal assistant in that practice area. My attorney’s firm and I felt that I had the knowledge and ability to go further and become a T&E paralegal.  The coursework and textbook gave me the ability to learn the mainframe of the practice area and consult with my attorneys for any further explanations I may have needed on any subject area and even jogged their memory from time to time on areas that had not been touched in a while.  The registration and online student center was very clear and precise and allowed me to work on my own and at my own pace.  During the course period, I suffered an extremely difficult life-altering trauma and Blackstone allowed me to extend my course time and work at my own pace when I was ready.  I am extremely grateful for that privilege and was determined to finish my course at all costs.   I loved the availability of the textbook, study guide and all the other online resources.  I was able to study in any spare time, whether commuting to/from work, at home or just sitting in the park.

– Georgette Meade, Wills Trusts and Estates


5. Military Assistance Provided

I found out about Blackstone through a military page I follow. I decided to apply for the Medical Assistant program because I’ve been wanting to break into the medical field for a long time and it seemed like the perfect fit! I couldn’t be happier in my decision, as I really loved the program and am really looking forward to my future job. I am not currently employed as I’m still taking the advice of my last unit and getting my resume the way I want it so that I can get the job that will best meet my needs! I loved the Online Student Center! It was very easy to navigate and any time that I had a question about textbooks or my coursework I sent an email and got immediate responses and assistance! Overall I would highly recommend BCI to anyone who needs the ease of taking classes online. I was able to work entirely at my own pace and finish early while taking several breaks when I needed them to really absorb and understand the material. I’m very confident in the knowledge I secured through the program and my ability to not only get a job, but be able to perform that job at a competent level!

-Jessica Ray, Medical Office Assistant



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