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6 Successful and Trending Career Prospects for 2023

As one year comes to a close and a new year beckons, it is a time for many to reflect and reevaluate their current life habits and goals. With new hopes and opportunities on the horizon, a new year is a strategic time to invest in your education and future career path. Whether it means switching your trajectory to invest in a new aspiration or starting fresh with endless possibilities, there are several things to consider when making changes.

Finding a career you enjoy that fits your schedule and lifestyle is imperative. But so is knowing what careers are trending upward. Career growth is vital for the health of the company, the clientele it serves, and its employees as they seek professional development.

We’ve created a list of trending careers to help you narrow down your search and know what opportunities are projected to grow in 2023. This knowledge will help you invest in the right career path as you pursue education.

 Trending Careers for the Next Year

  1. Human Resources
  2. Lawyers
  3. Physical Therapist
  4. Nurse Practitioner
  5. Medical and Health Services Managers
  6. School Teachers

Human Resources

Customer service provides a lot of different job possibilities as almost each career needs individuals who can implement successful customer relations, organizational tactics, communication methods, and more. In order to effectively share the mission, vision, and value of any company, human resources is able to develop methods to execute this and ensure its growth. In addition, individuals in this field are the first face a prospective or current employee will see. Their services continue to be a crucial step to ensuring the success of any company.

Blackstone Career Institute’s Certificate Course on Leadership Skills covers a gamut of instruction that will prepare you for any career path, including how to execute decisions and confidence in a human resource role.


The legal field continues to advance as individuals, companies, and the government seek representative and interpretation on a variety of topics and disputes. There are several different concentrations within this career field, which will provide you with options on what interests you most and how you want to use your knowledge base to provide services for those in need of representation. Some of the areas you can specialize include family, real estate, immigration, business/corporate, and criminal law.

Blackstone offers a comprehensive paralegal course that covers the basics of the law and gives you a foundation to build upon regardless of your career path in the field. The institute also offers courses that tailor in on the specialties within law, so you have the most updated knowledge to serve clients. The paralegal diploma course at BCI ensures you have the necessary 900 clock hours to sit for the NALA exam and become a certified legal assistant/paralegal.

Physical Therapist

The medical field continues to see an explosion in job opportunities that will serve you regardless of what you choose to specialize in. As another trending career, physical therapy provides the outpatient services someone needs throughout the recovery process. There will always be a need for this career, which ensures its job stability.

Blackstone’s diploma course gives you the guidance on becoming a physical therapy aide through coursework that covers anatomy terminology, medical ethics, and an overview of HIPPA guidelines.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is one of the necessary roles in the medical field as patients seek treatment options and resolutions to illnesses. There will be a continual need for individuals to receive medical help, which once more ensures job security.

Blackstone offers a variety of medical diploma courses that are stepping stones for anyone looking to gain a basis of knowledge as they pursue a career in the medical field. Some of the offerings available include home health aide, pharmacy technician, and medical office assistant. Through practical experience and updated textbook information, you will have the necessary tools to pursue your goals.

Medical and Health Services Managers

Management roles in healthcare serve to ensure patients receive the best care possible. As with human resources, there is a need for individuals to be a welcoming, supportive face for individuals who can be assured their needs will be met.

Choosing between a leadership skills certificate, a medical office assistant, medical billing and coding, or dental office assistant diploma courses will give you a background of medical terminology and intrapersonal skills to pursue a career in a management position.

School Teachers

Education has been a necessary role for all children to receive knowledge and practical experience among a variety of topics, so they are prepared to become the successful, working citizens of the next generation. Pursuing a trending career in education can take you on multiple avenues from elementary, high school, special education, or childcare services.

Blackstone offers a diploma course as a childcare provider and will give you the building blocks for developmental and early childhood education. This baseline of information will be useful whether you pursue childcare or seek further education and eventual employment in a private or public grade school.

What To Do with These Trending Careers?

As the new year approaches, take time to consider what your objectives and aspirations are for the new year and evaluate how these trending careers might play a role in the education you pursue. Along the way, if you have any questions, know that the Blackstone Student Service department is available to provide assistance!


Written by Laura Conaway

Laura Conaway is an author and former middle school librarian who writes for a variety of publications in the educational sector and mainstream narrative writing field. She graduated with a Library Science B.S.Ed. and a Professional Writing minor from Kutztown University and enjoys learning new knowledge and staying current on educational best practices. When she’s not writing, she enjoys adventuring outdoors, serving in the community, and playing her violin and guitar.